Making your own wedding bouquet

Wedding bouquets are essential elements in an ordinary ceremony and not only! We’ve suggested so many details and flower arrangements throughout the time and we think it’s impossible not to realize them with your own hands. And we didn’t take into account this aspect: making your own wedding bouquet for the special day. In fact, there’s nothing into it and we’re certain that if you listen to these pieces of advice you’re going to end up being happy.

First of all, you can choose the flowers that can be used for the wedding bouquet and we’re certain that you already have some ideas. Go to the market and buy these accordingly to the themes used in your wedding and not only, make sure that between those flowers you can find your favorite ones. Mix them in a gorgeous manner and on the margins be sure to add some green plants and big leaves. Wrap around the bouquet a pearl necklace made of plastic, this will confer and extra gorgeous aspect to your flower arrangement and we’re certain that you’re going to like the visual effect that’s created.

making your own wedding bouquet

There’s also the variant in which you can opt for a flower support and this one is made especially with a wet wool side that will help the flower remain fresh and irrigated. This will be done in case you want a wedding bouquet which is made of natural flowers, and we totally recommend you one like that.
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Like you do with the wedding dress, the same procedure should be done with the wedding bouquet. Try doing a similar one a day before and you’re going to definitely obtain an interesting perspective and view. How about that? Have you ever thought of this aspect? Well, we’re sure that you took it into consideration and that you’re going to apply for this advice.

You decide just how long you want the bouquet to be! Yes, indeed you have to take into consideration just long you leave the flowers and decide whether you want it long or short and begin cutting it with the help of scissors. Also, in the same time that you try to do this, you have to arrange all the flowers in an appropriate manner and make sure that they’re looking as you want them to be.

In order to make your wedding bouquet look interesting you definitely have to take into consideration mixing flowers as to create a fluid impression; use ferns or ivy or some other flowers that will confer your bouquet an amazing effect.

Besides the aspects mentioned up to this moment you should also take into consideration some other details, like the ribbons that you can use for adorning the wedding bouquet or the other elements, like sparkling beads and so on….