Ideas of wedding reception flowers

The wedding reception flowers are really important and most of the time these give the life of the party- if you use colored flowers, people feel more full of life and if you adopt simple colors and calm combinations then it will be a more serene atmosphere. In the lines to come we have suggestions for al tastes and you definitely have where to choose from.

We start with a delightful combination of colored flowers and the basic chromatic tone is warm: there’s a combination between red, pink and orange and these go really fine together.

ideas of wedding reception flowers

These flowers are placed in big vases made of glass and which have nice details on them. Another thing that needs to be mentioned is the fact that next to these vases there are also some candle accessories in dark tone and with a vintage tone…. Indeed, quite some exquisite combinations if you come to think of it.
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There are some other interesting suggestions that are of course, made of glass and take the shape of champagne cups and with a pot in the end. These ornaments are filled with flowers that have green tones and are combined with green plants that go really wonderful together; quite an interesting idea if we come to think of it and we hope that you like how it looks, as much as we do.

ideas of wedding reception flowers 2

Another great idea is to take a glass container made in a square shape and fill it with some limes. Around it wrap a pretty colored ribbon that ends tied with a bow. The effect is definitely great to see and let’s also not forget about the fact that you can fill it with numerous colored flowers in order to create a nice visual impression. It’s more interesting than you ever thought….

ideas of wedding reception flowers 3

We continue our suggestions for wedding reception flowers with some great looking glass vases that are filled in the interior with tulips strains. The idea is interesting because the buds never get out of the glass and this creates a rather nice visual impression. Indeed quite great to admire, don’t you think so?

ideas of wedding reception flowers 4

Our last idea for wedding reception flowers is really cheap in the same time. So, here’s what can be done: take a big glass vase and begin filling it with apple fruits.

ideas of wedding reception flowers 5

The next phase is that in which you choose your favorite flowers and place these in the interior side of the vases together with some great looking flowers. You’re going to end up with a centerpiece that is above the table and it definitely creates a nice visual impression….