Short wedding flowers

Short wedding flowers are great to be taken into account in case you’re looking for something really special and to apply for in the same time. We would like you to consider these examples described here as good options not only to be used as bridal bouquets, but in the same time they can be taken into account whenever we’re speaking about a table flower arrangement or centerpiece.

The first example that you need to take into account is this gorgeous looking bouquet that has only lively colors in it. We’re speaking about a short bridal bouquet that is made of callas and other flowers like orchids and interesting plants as well, which create an interesting visual effect together. Wrap around this bouquet a white ribbon and attach a fine thread in order to make it stay still.

Short wedding flowers

Looking for a neat combination of colors and details? Well, it seems that you’re in the right place because we’re speaking about short wedding flowers that are great to be taken into account whenever it comes to special details and which make you different from others. In this case there are used themes and elements like yellow, red and green and maybe orange as well. It’s not hard to realize such a wedding bouquet, the only thing is that you make sure that you blend the elements in a fine manner together and that their chromatic palette is almost the same.

Short wedding flowers 2

Short wedding flowers as well…. So, how about a white calla bouquet around which you can attach a white ribbon in order to make it look even more interesting? Such a bridal bouquet can be a great example to be taken into account and we’re certain that you’re not going to regret taking it into account.

Short wedding flowers 3

Special elements? How about placing some feathers in the bridal bouquet? Like in this case, there are used different flowers in combination with green plants and the final touch is for the black feathers that are attached here and there in the bridal bouquet. Make sure, like in all the previous examples that you take into account the usage of the same colors and that you blend tones in a beautiful manner.

Short wedding flowers 4

You can apply for using white flowers with small buds and creating a spherical bouquet. So, you can make sure that the flowers are placed all together in such a way that you create such an interesting accessory, which can serve as wedding bouquet.

Short wedding flowers 5

These can be definitely taken into account in case you’re looking for some special examples in the same time….