The spherical bouquet 3

Here’s how we continue our series of great looking bouquets an spherical ones…. This is the last topic concerning this subject, but as usual we promise to get back with it in the future.

the spherical bouquet 3

Our first example of spherical bouquet is made in a playful combination of ivory and purple. There is the perfect sphere made of ivory carnation and somewhere above there are placed three rose buds in purple color. Besides these purple flowers there are also some green leaves applied there and also a purple ribbon made of shiny material. This is a great combination of flowers and colors and we consider this bouquet as being perfect for the maids of honor.
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The next spherical bouquet looks like a red ball. We’re not joking, it’s just the way it looks…. This bouquet is made of intense red roses and carnations. These two are combined together and the result is quite interesting. Let’s also mention that you can wrap around this bouquet a pearl necklace, pierce it through it and end with creating a handle. The white and red combination will always be successful and this is how this bouquet can be used both by the bride and the maids of honor….

The next model is pretty colored. It is made of pink and lime tones. The flowers used for this small spherical bouquet are the chrysanthemum ones and the daisies. Use lime colored chrysanthemum and pink daisies, combine these flowers together and you’ll obtain an interesting result. Let’s also specify that you can wrap around it and use as a handle a piece of pink ribbon. The combination will end up being great.

the spherical bouquet 32

The last bouquet in sphere form is made entirely of pink carnations. There are used so many flowers and you want to create a great looking bouquet, don’t you? Use as many flowers as you can and also a piece of white fabric, maybe lace or satin. This bouquet can be used by the bride and the maids of honor too….

the spherical bouquet 33

If the last four examples didn’t seem suitable for you, maybe the other eight contained one interesting example. All in all, we consider all of these examples great looking and if it were for us, we would be trying all these models. We offered you the ideas and you only have to print a picture and take it to the flower store and tell the ones working there that this is what you expect.

the spherical bouquet 34

Leaving jokes behind we would like to say that you should tell your wedding planner about your ideas, if you have one…. If you don’t and you’re managing all the details then browse for as many examples as you can and you’ll see that everything will end up just great in the end!