Examples of flower arrangements in trend

Bright colors don’t seem to be designed for everyone, more and many people seem to apply for the more minimalist details and let’s admit that you can’t fail with details like these. We would like to continue with offering some suggestions of bridal bouquets, flower arrangements and so on…. We hope you take them into account for the future time, because it’s going to be a real pity if you don’t!

The first example that we want you to take into account consists of a bridal bouquet that is made in light tones of course, in pink, white, light green and all of these are really gorgeous combined together.

Wrap around this bouquet a white ribbon and don’t forget to attach a broche made of jewelry and in this way it’s unlikely not to end up with an interesting flower arrangement – an interesting bridal bouquet.
<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->
Another interesting detail which we consider great looking and gorgeous to be taken into account consists of multiple flower arrangements which are placed in small glass vases. These vases have cylindrical shapes and they’re made of glass. Also, the flowers that fill them are made in white and small buds and here and there you can observe green leaves and such details go really nice together if you ask us.

examples of flower arrangements in trend 2

The flowers attached on the chairs can be made in white as well. We were thinking of a flower arrangement that is made of roses and you can attach a ribbon to it. Don’t forget to make this arrangement of white flowers and attach a ribbon to it as well. Also, you can continue with adding a white ribbon on it as well and in this way you’re going to end up with something really interesting. The chair has on the back side a flower arrangement attached with the help of a ribbon and we know that this will definitely offer an interesting look to the arrangements.

examples of flower arrangements in trend 3

Besides the tall flower arrangements there are some other ones – smaller ones that consist of a small vase made of glass with marbles made of glass at the basis and short flowers placed in the container. The flowers used are roses with other smaller and white flowers and you can observe just how great all of these go together, don’t you?

examples of flower arrangements in trend 4

Around this flower arrangement you can apply for attaching flower petals which are simply placed there as to make the imagery complete. Let’s also mention that the candles shouldn’t be absent and you’re going to observe the interesting touch offered by the candles in the end…. We’re certain that this is flower arrangement will seem as interesting as the others.