Rustic bouquets 3

Rustic bouquets are a previous topic of ours that we’re sure you’re going to enjoy reading about pretty much. This particular part is really interesting and we’re sure that you just can’t wait to read our next examples.

Here’s how we start with our first suggestion that consists of a red flower bouquet made of different types of flowers and you can definitely take these from the garden. Let’s also mention that besides these flowers there are used some others, that have a black tone and look like berries. Also, at the basis of this bouquet you can observe big leaves that combined with these other elements go really nice and create a really nice visual effect. How about that?

rustic bouquets 3

Of course, we would like to continue with another example of rustic bouquet and we hope that you enjoy this one as well. This one is made in white, yellow and green and it confers a stunning visual impression. There are used daisies, poppies, chamomile flowers in combination with some other white and yellow flowers. Also, you can observe big leaves and if you wrap around this bouquet a big rope, then the effect is definitely stunning. Quite a nice combination of details if we come to think of it and we’re sure that you’re going to enjoy carrying such a marvelous looking bouquet in your hands….

rustic bouquets 3 2

Of course, our examples don’t end here. We’ve got some other suggestions for you and we hope that you keep them in mind. So, there’s a yellow and white bouquet that looks really interesting in the same time. This one is conceived in orchids, roses, lilies and some other white and yellow flowers together with some green and thin plants. Wrap around this nice looking bouquet a semi transparent yellow ribbon and you can be sure that the image is complete. Quite nice looking, don’t you think so?

rustic bouquets 3 3

We continue our list of suggestions with a lilac bouquet that is pretty colored and it has a lot of details in it. Besides the purple lilac flowers, there are used also white ones and with big green leaves. The effect is definitely stunning and great looking in the same time. Wrap around this bouquet a nice looking ribbon, a white one and you can be certain that you’re going to look gorgeous with it in your hands.

rustic bouquets 3 4

It has at the basis a classical idea and traditional flowers which can be found almost everywhere. It’s a humble idea and really interesting in the same time.