Interesting usages of tropical wedding flowers

Now that we’re facing these high temperatures and most of you are fed up with being warm outside, now we bring you some suggestions that involve the usage of tropical wedding flowers in open air weddings and we’re sure that you feel enchanted with the things mentioned here.
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Some time ago we presented you some suggestions of tropical wedding flowers and we’re sure that you took these into account, because these hints are really interesting and meant only to help you. We start with some place where these flowers can be placed, besides using them as flower arrangements.

tropical wedding flowers

So, the first place in which you can place these is on a cake. You can place them on your wedding cake around every layer and make sure that these are as colored as possible. Use them at the bottom of every layer and on the top layer as well. Also, on the table where you place this cake, you can also apply for threading some flowers and placing them there.

Here’s another nice combination which we couldn’t resist! We’re speaking about a white and black wedding cake that is made of chocolate and in two layers. You can observe tropical flowers on it, made of sweet compounds that is. These flowers are placed on one side of the cake and above it as well. There’s a nice combination of colors like white, black and purple and pink. Indeed, some great looking elements if we come to think of it.

tropical wedding flowers 2

We continue with an arch that looks pretty nice with all the tropical flowers on. This arch is made of white material and it adopts a nice shape. You can observe bunches of flowers placed here and there on this arch and we’re sure that the effect is really great. There’s the white arch blended with all those colored flowers in different tones and all those colors that look pretty nice together. Indeed it’s a great idea, at least for an open air wedding.

tropical wedding flowers 3

You can use tropical flowers in your wedding for your wedding bouquet. You can apply for mixing different types of such flowers in different color tones or you can think of a unique color and blend all the flowers in the same color tone. Indeed, this is a nice mixture and we’re sure that you’re going to like this idea pretty much, whether it’s monochrome or you apply for a nice mixture of colors!

tropical wedding flowers 4