Minimalist flower arrangements

You’ve decided on a minimalist theme when it comes to your wedding and made up your mind on celebrating the happy event and also let’s mention that you have to take into account now the flower arrangements that have to be adopted when it comes to this minimalist style. Besides the look of the salon (structure and color), the pieces of furniture, you also have to take into account acquiring some key-pieces that will offer personality and unity to the décor. So, the wedding has to be made in minimalist style and this imposes using as less pieces of ornament as possible, the most recommended option is decorating the salon and the tables with flowers.

A source of inspiration for the minimalist décor can be the Asiatic interior design. You can apply for transparent containers that come out from cherry branches- this is a piece of décor that can be applied in a spring wedding and in order to highlight the Asiatic inspiration you can apply for a small bonsai placed in the middle of every table.

minimalist flower arrangements

The elegance of simplicity is really important. Keeping in mind the proportions of the minimalism and guiding yourself on the principle of “les is more” you can realize flower ornaments from two species of flowers. You can apply for using orchids, because these have long strains, straight and they do not have any leaves and they’re totally recommended in a minimalist design. The offer of flowers that is proposed is really diversified permitting you to adorn it with Hawaii orchids, cymbidium and mokara. Between the types of flowers used in the minimalist style we can recommend: lilies, callas, amaryllis, tulips, and any other tropical flower with long strains.
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In order to offer a touch of color and freshness you don’t have to exclude out of the background short containers, graphics, with tall and green herbs or bamboo threads made in different lengths.

If you want to obtain unity and harmony even the bride trousseau should be made in minimalist style. So, you can apply for a dress with a simple cut, with an urban look in it, due to the fact that a rich detailed dress can be completely unasserted with the minimalist wedding décor.

minimalist flower arrangements 2

Also, accessorizing strongly isn’t that recommended for such a wedding even if the dress that you’re going to wear is simple. If you’ve guided yourself on the principle “less is more” then you’re going to apply for pieces of jewelry like a simple necklace at the basis of the neck or a pair of earrings which are long and maybe made of crystals.

In order to obtain harmony offered by the minimalist style we recommend you to apply for a wedding bouquet that is also simple and in the colors used in order to adorn the salon.