Popular bridal bouquets

The wedding flowers are always appreciated and they will always be used with ease and pleasure in the wedding day. Also, they are not going to lose their style, placing their accent on your personal taste – after all, they are a reflection of your own personality. More and more wedding bouquets are made in different dimensions and shapes and here are the latest tendencies that you have to follow for popular bridal bouquets.
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The really colored bridal bouquet

These types of bridal bouquets are considered really popular when it comes to a wedding that takes place in the fall season. For these, you should apply colors like dark chocolate, the color of the ground, of rust, degraded cherries or even the color of bricks. It’s not an unusual thing to insert some of these colors in the bridal bouquet, as well as on the bridal gown, the wedding shoes or whatever accessories you might be wearing.

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Bridal bouquet

The rich bridal bouquet

This richness is related to the multitudes of flowers that are engaged in the wedding bouquet. You can apply for sunflowers, or purple flowers. You can also focus your attention towards bridal bouquets that look rather nonconformist, which have an elegant tone, combined with an urban air. If you really want to carry a different bridal bouquet in your hands, then opt for adorning the margins of the flower arrangements with feathers.

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Bridal bouquet

The wedding table decorations

In this season you are able to take advantage of luscious colors and combine as many species of flowers as you possibly can. You can place together fruits and vegetables in different colors and place them as wedding table arrangements on the guests’ tables. Don’t forget to adorn these wedding arrangements with long satin ribbons, made in tones of golden or brick-like.

Use sugar on the flower arrangements

Here’s a trick that we’ve observed in many wedding table decorations. On the wet flowers you can add some sugar crystals, after these get dry, you will observe the nice visual effect that is created. The great smelling candles can be a nice pick, as long as their aroma doesn’t overwhelm you too much and it doesn’t enter in contrast with the other aliments.

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Bridal bouquet

Use orange in the flower arrangements

Orange is indeed a great thing in the fall season. Even if we are not speaking of a traditional color, the wedding arrangements are certainly going to look different.