Spring wedding bouquets

Being in the middle of the spring season determined us to realize this topic and it concerns wedding spring bouquets. You’ll find some interesting models here and we’re sure that you have where to choose from. Maybe you’ll take our examples into consideration and have one of these in your wedding day, who knows?!

spring wedding bouquets

We start with a intensely colored bouquet made of purple and pink flowers together with their leaves; this is a nice chromatic mixture and we’re sure that it will enchant your eyes in the moments you see the picture of the flower arrangement we’re talking of.
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So there are different variations of purple and the flowers used are lilac and tulips; these two go really great together and we’re sure that the effect will be a nice one in combination with the leaves that have a spicy color too.

Let’s also mention the fact that for the wedding bouquets we recommend natural flowers and not those artificial and made of silk. You may apply for those types of flowers for the rest of the flower arrangements….

spring wedding bouquets2

The next suggestion consists of a bouquet made of wild at heart flowers; these have a light pink tone and smell pretty great. Let’s also mention that between the buds you may apply for placing some fir branches with thin leaves and also on the margins of this bouquet there are some big and fresh leaves that look really great combined with the other elements mentioned previously; this is indeed a great looking bouquet and let’s also mention the fact that it smells great too!

We continue with another great looking model of wedding bouquet and this time it’s a beautiful looking combination of white and green tones. These flower arrangements consists of white daisies, really small, and here and there are some green leaves that look really interesting in combination with these small flowers.

spring wedding bouquets3

Let’s also mention that this bouquet has a spherical shape and it id definitely designed for the bride and all the elements in it speak about it!

The next model and the least is a multi colored bouquet that is composed of numerous species of flowers. There are used lilies, daisies, roses, Rhododendron and Ranunculus flowers, all of these in different colors. Besides these flowers that are pretty colored and all that there are some other great looking plants, which are green.

spring wedding bouquets4

All of these elements cope together and create a wonderful visual effect and a marvelous wedding bouquet that is just right for this period of year and for a wedding that takes place in this season….