Blue wedding flowers

Depending on your favorite color you can make your wedding bouquet or flower arrangements exactly on your tastes. If you like pink then you can add a touch of pink in your wedding ornaments or even in the bridal bouquet, but we recall mentioning about these aspects some time ago. Leaving all these behind, let’s mention that as long as you do accordingly to how you feel and your personal tastes you can end up with a really successful wedding.

If you decide on a blue bouquet, then the maids of honor can have also a bouquet with a touch of blue and their dresses should adopt this tone too.

blue wedding flowers

Discuss this matter with them and see to what conclusion you end up with. Their bouquets can adopt different shapes and these can be made in a smaller version. Let’s also not forget that the difference can be in the types of flower used: for instance, your bouquet can be made of white and blue roses and their bouquet can have the bride’s flowers, chrysanthemum, blue roses and other species.
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A blue hydrangeas bouquet is next in our preferences and suggestions. You can also adopt these types of flowers for the table ornaments and arrangements too. Combine the hydrangeas with white flowers and different green elements, leaves and bride’s flowers and you’re going to end up with an interesting looking wedding bouquet.

blue wedding flowers2

Besides the combination we’ve just proposed there are some others, also with the flowers mentioned above, the hydrangeas that can be found in several tones of blue. You can apply for a bouquet made entirely of these flowers or for a bouquet that is composed of several species of flowers.

blue wedding flowers3

You can use the flowers mentioned above or any other blue flowers in combination with other matching colors. Use these flowers as to form great looking arrangements and ornaments. You can place these flowers into a transparent vase and in the interior of the vase you can add a layer of green leaves and strings. As you can see there are numerous variants for you to choose from, but our suggestions don’t end here!

blue wedding flowers4

Besides the fresh and silk flowers you can use plastic ones too. Ok, you may think that this idea is kitsch, but it isn’t exactly in this way and what we’re referring to? Well, to the wedding favors: you can have a normal candle in the middle side of a support or arrangement and around it there can be some blue plastic flowers with shiny plastic interior and with plastic leaves too. Believe us that this arrangement is really interesting looking and that your guests will be pleased when it comes to receiving this token of appreciation.

blue wedding flowers5

As you can see, we’ve got so many suggestions in our bag, but this is just a part of the things reserved for you, because we’re going to be back with our hints, tips and suggestions as to help you!