Various ideas for wedding flowers

The flowers are the most effective way of beautifying a wedding. Not only do they have the ability of making your wedding even beautiful, but in the same time, they permit you to create a special scent surrounding your ceremony and in the same time you will make the ceremony and the reception décor look in a jolly way.

If you are a person with classic tastes, then it means that you will surely apply for roses and you will do a very good job in the same time, but let us add that in the same time, you can combine these already mentioned flowers with others, which will create a dazzling look together.
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We were thinking it would be a great idea to make up a flower guide that will turn out to be useful in case you decide to use other flowers than roses for the big day.

various ideas for wedding flowersCredit
Various ideas for wedding flowers

How about daisies?

These are well known flowers and they are so delicate and nice looking with a vague scent and also being encountered in white tones. Let us add that you are able to find these flowers during the summer season and in the early fall.

Various ideas for wedding flowersCredit
Various ideas for wedding flowers

What do you want to transmit if you apply for daisies?

Well, certainly the message that you choose to transmit is one related to simplicity, innocence and sharing the sentiments of the other. Think of the very well known incantation made by the children, that with “she loves me, she loves me not” – it was always done on daisies.

How about using freesias?

Only thinking of this flowers’ scent you can only feel how your skin is freshen up and your senses remain astonished. Besides this, the freesia has a strong scent just for only some flowers and in the same time you can observe how they’re really great looking with the small blossoms placed on the arched stem.

When are you able to encounter this flower and most of all in what colors and what symbols does it have?

These are multiple questions put for only one type of flower. You can encounter this flower all year long and the colors in which you encounter it vary pretty much, all are possible. And the answer to the last part of the question? Well, this flower is a clear symbol of innocence and you can be certain that your wedding flower arrangements will be successful with such components in it.

What do you think of the delphinium flower?

This is a flower that is most common to be encountered in a garden and we don’t see why you should not engage it in a wedding flower arrangement? Also, these flowers can be encountered all around the year and most of all, in the period between June and October.

In what colors can it be encountered and what does it symbolize?

You are able to find this flower in colors like blue, white, pink or lavender and the delphinium flowers are a clear symbol of sweetness and well being.

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Various ideas for wedding flowers

There are multiple types of tulips: the Dutch or the French ones, for instance. The difference between these two consists in their blossom, the latter type having it thin and long, while the first type we’ve been mentioning about has the blossom with ruffled leaves sometimes.

The tulips, in general, are the types of flowers that will make the difference if they are used in wedding flower arrangements or if they are engaged in bridal bouquets. The great thing about them is that they can be encountered in almost any type of color you like and in the same time these don’t have a scent, so you can use them in a massive quantity.

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Various ideas for wedding flowers

Gardenia flowers for the wedding arrangements

These types of flowers are really nice looking and in the same time, they will create marvelous wedding flower arrangements that ought to make the difference, don’t you think so?

The great thing about these is that Mother Nature let them with those waxy leaves and dark green in the same time. Also, their scent tends to get kind of strong sometimes intoxicating, so pay attention to the quantity in which you decide to use these.

various ideas for wedding flowersCredit
Various ideas for wedding flowers

Not only do they have a powerful scent, but they are also really fragile, so be gentle when you handle them.

The great thing about the gardenia flowers used in wedding flower arrangements is that they are really easy to find and their perfume creates a special atmosphere.

If you choose gardenia flowers for the wedding flower arrangements, then this means that you want to transmit purity, peace, joy, ecstasy or secret love. Let’s also add that their ivory tone will make them the perfect match for any types of flowers you decide to combine them with.