The bride’s bouquet

the-bride`s-bouquetThe bride`s bouquet is the second aspect that comes in mind to the future married woman, after choosing her wedding gown! This accessory has to match her dress and make up and also the groom`s clothes, or it simply must resemble her way of being!

This bouquet is going to be in the bride`s hands all day long, and most of the times it`s chosen only by the bride, but there are cases in which this asset is chosen by the parents of the couple!

The flowers used differ from bride to bride, because they love many flowers, and when it comes to choosing one, it`s a hard decision to make and they must consider being unique in the same time!

It is recommended to use suitable flowers for the season in which the wedding is made! This accessory must give a touch of freshness to the young lady and don`t forget that, after the wedding ceremony it is tossed to a single lady and she is due to keep it (as a symbol of future spouse).

When you choose the type of flowers used in your bouquet you must think of what feelings does your groom inspire! And accordingly to your thoughts you may want to consider some flowers and their symbols!

So, if you love lilies and want to use them in your bouquet, avoid the yellow one cause it means falsity, the savage one signifies pride, and the orange one enemy!


Roses are the most common used because they mean love, but avoid the black rose because it means death! You may use red roses if you want to highlight the passion of your love!

Daisies also have nice symbols, but try not to use the yellow and the purple ones, they mean negative feelings!

These are only a few examples of meanings of the flowers, and you should tend to use bright colors in order to express love, cause the other nuances change the meaning of your feelings! If you want to use other flowers, browse and see what their meanings are and see also what color suits you better!

Flowers have indeed a great role in showing love, they aren`t only used in the bouquet, but also in decorations, if you want to be contrasting, you may use different colors in your bouquet, in this way creating a pleasant chromatic image. They must match to your hair, gown and your partner`s costume, remember?

Don`t stress too much, be calm and all the details mustn`t be only resolved by you! Your wedding shouldn`t end up as a stressful event! Chill!