Short bridal bouquets

The small bridal bouquets and medium sized one are more and more wanted by the modern brides and this is due to the fact that these are really light and easy to be carried around and let’s also mention that they’re like a touch of color on the wedding gown.

In order to assure ourselves that you have where to choose from, we’ve chosen numerous gorgeous bouquets from which you can get your inspiration….

We wanted to start our review with a small wedding bouquet that is composed of numerous types of flowers and it’s pretty colored in the same time. So, this one is made of roses, chrysanthemum flowers and many other types of flowers, which are made in warm tones as well and you can be certain that they create an interesting combination together. Also, let’s add that between the flower buds you can observe numerous green plants, which seem to compose the “frame”. Indeed it’s a gorgeous example of small bridal bouquet!

short bridal bouquets

Here’s another gorgeous combination of tones that we have in the following lines and we’re certain that you’re going to find it pretty interesting. So there’s this combination of white callas with roses and green plants attached. It’s indeed a striking combination- the string green tone with white….

short bridal bouquets 2

We continue our list of suggestions for small bridal bouquets with this small and round multicolored bouquet. This one is made in colors like white, yellow, orange, purple and blue all together and with a touch of green as well. It’s indeed an interesting combination, which we’re sure you’re going to find great looking in the same time and we’re certain that you’re going to apply for one of these.

short bridal bouquets 3

Our list of examples of short bridal bouquets doesn’t end here! We would like to continue our list with another gorgeous looking example of bouquet that is made in multiple colors like purple, red, purple and violet. All of these go so fine together and we’re certain that you consider them as really interesting to be taken into account- the main flowers which are used are roses that are combined with several other plants that have interesting colors as well.

short bridal bouquets 4

Also, in order to make the bouquet look even more interesting we were thinking of attaching some interesting elements to it, like some pieces of jewelry with ribbons and this will create an interesting effect as well.

short bridal bouquets 5

The last suggestion that we have to make to you for short bridal bouquets is definitely this pink bouquet made of a peony. In fact, this isn’t like a bouquet- it’s only a flower and it’s really blossomed and you hold it in your hand without any other details.