Purple wedding flowers

We continue with our suggestions regarding the flower weddings and we continue with some purple wedding flowers, which are used as bouquets or arrangements in some cases.

As usual, we have a list of suggestions and this time, we propose some purple wedding flowers that will definitely be adequate when it comes to bouquets and things like that. So, the first example consists of a bouquet that is made of different tones of purple, with different species of flowers like: daisies, petunia, chrysanthemums and carnations and the list can go on.

purple wedding flowers

Mix all these flowers together into creating a marvelous visual effect and also make sure that all have at the basis the purple tone, also here and there you can observe green leaves and these are important too when it comes to such combinations.
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Our next suggestion is a bouquet made of camellia, roses, lilac and orchids, all these flowers have at their basics the purple tone and let’s also mention that these are combined in a really pleasant manner and that they look really great in the bouquet.

purple wedding flowers2

Besides combining different species of flowers and different types of purple tones, you can apply for using only one type or two, depending on your personal taste. Here and there you may apply for using green leaves in order to create an interesting visual effect.

purple wedding flowers3

Roses or peonies can be used very great in this purple tone, together or separate. You can apply for mixing purple with yellow or a vanilla tone and the chromatic effect will definitely pleasant to the eyes. Good luck in combining all your favorite flowers together and creating a great looking bouquet that will definitely be ideal to be used in your wedding day.

purple wedding flowers4

Carnations are also great to be used in wedding bouquets, especially when these have purple and white tones at the basis. The visual effect created is really great and we hope that you find this circular bouquet as interesting as we find it.

purple wedding flowers5

If you have favorite flowers think if you can find these in the purple variant, which is if you really like the purple tone that much! Think of the flowers that you most like and enjoy smelling and seeing and you can ask the personal from the flower shop to realize a wedding bouquet according to your preferences.

Most of the times, it is easier to do things in this way because you’re going to end up wining with a marvelous looking bouquet, unique and also made from your favorite species of flowers.