Different Flower Arrangements For The Reception 3

We hope that you liked all the examples shared with you up to this moment and that concerned flower arrangements. We’ve got some other ones in the lines to come and it would be a pity not to share these with you, because they’re really good looking and realized in an interesting manner.

Ok, so we’ve got the first example that consists of a flower arrangement which is made in a very interesting way. This one has at the basis a silver and metallic container that is filled with stunning looking flowers. In fact, these are normal flowers, but the way in which these are arranged, this detail makes it all special.

Different Flower Arrangements For The Reception 3

Mainly there are used roses in combination with some other flowers that have the same color tone, around the basic bouquet there’s a line of freesia flowers that are placed around. Here and there between the big rose buds you can observe long flower strains penetrating and creating a nice visual effect. The colors blend perfectly into creating a stunning visual effect! No more to say, we just hope that you like this combination as much as we do.
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Here’s how we jump from an example to another and we continue with suggesting some other flower arrangements that are going to definitely seem a good option to apply for. There’s a pink and green combination of colors in this piece of décor. The flowers used don’t only have pink on them, but a little bit of white as well.

Different Flower Arrangements For The Reception 3 2

Also, there are a lot of leaves around and it’s a strong combination of tones, which we’re sure that you’re going to appreciate pretty much. Indeed, this is a small flower arrangement and it’s neat in the same time, placed in the middle of the table together with the table card number! Also, this flower arrangement looking so neat and small in the same time it definitely looks cool in combination with a playful card that has neat details on it, as if they’re drawings of a child.

The last suggestion that we have for you is indeed simple and refined in the same time. It consists of a long glass container, made of transparent glass.

Different Flower Arrangements For The Reception 3 3

This one has around it, in the interior side some leaves placed on the walls and this will definitely create an interesting visual effect. Another thing that we need to mention about relates to the lilies and the furry flowers that are placed in this container.

The previously mentioned about flower arrangement looks indeed interesting and it’s a pity not to apply for it, due to the fact that it’s so simple to realize in the same time and it’s cheap as well to adopt.