Flowers and symbols

Flowers are offered to a person as a symbol of love and respect, for being excused or for thanking for a thing. The bride receives the bouquet from the groom as a symbol of love and this is for sure…. But does the groom know to choose it?

A flower unites the communication between people more than any other gifts can do it. The flowers have different symbols, a well known example is the red rose which is a symbol of romantic love and the lily has been a symbol of power appearing on many flags of the regal houses in Europe.

flowers and symbols

Very often, in the case of a wedding we choose roses for bouquets, arrangements, candles…. This noble flower has mythical roots, being named by Aurora and Cupid that the one that carries the love and beauty. Accordingly to the Greek mythology, initially the roses were only in white tones, but they’ve changed their color after being spread with the blood of the Aphrodite goddess, wound while trying to help Adonis.
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Before choosing the flowers needed in the bridal bouquet, we don’t have to forget that every flower has a certain signification- the rose is a symbol of love and beauty, the carnation has the role of fascinating, the white lily is a symbol of purity, the iris is a symbol of passion and the ivy brings luck and fidelity.

The flower can represent besides its elements the thread and the leaves- it’s related to a wonderful feeling and it can help you transmit a message that you would express harder.

The associations that you can do before offering a flower are numerous, this is why it’s important to know the signification of the plants that are our messengers and they’re going to transmit elegantly what words are not going to express.

flowers and symbols 2

If you get married during the spring it would be great to apply for daffodils that besides the really gorgeous aspect, are a symbol of love which isn’t responded to, or lilac- the white one is for youth, the pink one is for prosperity, the purple with straps should remember of the beginning of your relationship.

When the spring knocks at your doors, the hyacinth is the flowers that seem to bring it! If you want to show that you’re proud of her, and then buy a big bouquet made of white flowers.

If you want to show just how stable are your feelings then the blue ones like ink are the most appropriate ones. Small flowers and pink, which are placed together, bring us to the idea of a game and the red one that look like the apples of Snow White seem to ask sorry for your name.

flowers and symbols 3

The freesias, the fragile they are, the more intense they express a well known feeling, but hard to express- friendship.

What could be more appropriate if you want to show that she’s a friend, besides being a lover, the wife, the sister or mother, than a bouquet of multicolored freesia that surrounds you with their sweet-bitter perfume?