Things to do before the wedding

It seems that in the wedding day everything should go like it’s planned, but this happens only in movies, because it’s impossible not to encounter at least a flaw in the big day! We consider that such accidents and happenings should make you smile and feel comfortable, not to get lost in details or something like that….

As we see things, the wedding day should be planned from the tiniest detail and you, as a bride, need to make a schedule. What does this mean? Well, first of all, you have to start in the day after with getting really relaxed. For instance, all the day before the wedding day we saw one of our friends standing in bed and eating lots of sweets, this is what seemed to help her, if it’s useful in your case then go for it!

Another thing that you can do is to apply for the help of sports. In this case, we were thinking you should go jogging as much as possible before the wedding and after the wedding – it’s a way of relaxing your body.

Certainly, there are many other solutions for which you can take into account before the wedding day and many of these stand in front of you….
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Massaging is one of the things that we find useful for relaxing in the big day! Of course, you need to go to a salon to get your massage well done, but there’s also the case in which you can ask your beloved husband to do it and we don’t encounter any difficulty in him doing it.

Leaving this aspect behind, with the tips for relaxing, we’ve encountered some other things that we find useful you should do in a wedding day, like: preparing your own schedule in due time.

Take your phone or a blank sheet or pen and make sure you note: your wake up hour, there’s also the schedule for the makeup and hairstyle part and the other things of which you know you have to do for sure in order to get prepared for the big day.

We were thinking that placing these details on your phone is much easier, because you carry it with you in all the places you go. A helping hand from a friend doesn’t do harm to anyone, right? For this matter, ask your bridesmaid, who is probably your best friend to stand all day long next to you. Don’t forget that after all, it’s your wedding day and you have to be the one spoiled!

These are some general ideas, which concern the days surrounding the wedding day and we think that they’re going to be useful in a way or another in order to make things accordingly to “what the doctor said”.