Some helpful wedding superstitions

Are you a superstitious lady? Are you afraid that if you don’t do a certain thing right it might ruin your wedding day? Well, regardless of you personality we have decided that it would help a lot if we would gather some wedding superstitions fro you. Thus, you will know how to protect yourself, or if you don’t believe in such things you could at least amuse yourself. So prepare because here it goes!
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If you will see a rainbow, or if you will have a sunny weather, or perhaps if you will meet a black cat or a chimney sweeper on your wedding day you must rejoice, for these are good signs that predict a great marriage. However, you must stay away from cemeteries and monasteries, on your wedding day, because you will be very unfortunate if you will see an open grave or a monk or nun.

They say that brides should not wear pearls, not in their jewelleries and not even as embellishment in their dress, because they stand for tears.

Some helpful wedding superstitionsCredit
Some helpful wedding superstitions

Also, the bride should not make her own dress and she shouldn’t wear some shoes that would reveal her toes. Why? Well, they say that her good fortunes would disappear through her toes. Not to mention the bad luck of a marriage held in your birthday or after sunset.

A pretty interesting wedding superstition is the one connected to your engagement ring. They say that it is good to watch your groom through your engagements ring, from a place where he won’t see you. The interesting part comes now, because the superstition says that as you will see him in that moment that will be the image of him that you will see all your life: happy and smiling, or frowning and angry.

The most popular superstition is: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, which stands for the elements that a bride must wear, so that her marriage will be fortunate and happy.

Also, it is a sign of bad luck to change your shoes for another pair, because this would mean that you will change your man. However, you are allowed to cry on your wedding day, because thus you will have good luck.

It is forbidden to show your wedding dress to your future husband. Still, if you can not resist this temptation, you can do this, but only by taking one shoe off, or an earring or a glove. Your wedding veil is considered to be lucky if it is donated by a happy bride. And last but not least, wedding attendants are encouraged to throw rice at the young couple, leaving the church, because thus they will have a happy and wealthy life.

Therefore, take these superstitions into consideration and follow them if you believe they are true, or include them at your ceremony just for fun and for a great time.