Second wedding tips 4

Here are some errors that we wouldn’t want to do when you’re organizing your second wedding. Take these into account because they are essential steps when it comes to a successful festivity. Also, you’re going to read about some tips related to this special moment and we hope that you don’t do anything wrong….

First of all try not to compare this wedding with the first one. This is definitely a bad starting point! Now you’re organizing a fresh ceremony, a new one and it shouldn’t be compared with the first one or to think of ideas related to the other one.

If you invite the same people as you did in the first one there’s no chance that they don’t make comparisons between this one and the other one, it’s inevitable!

Oh, and when you organize this second wedding don’t do all the things as to try to make an opposite ceremony to the other one. Make it just how you want it to be, how the first one didn’t succeed to be and also add your experience through the years and the things that you’ve observed and liked at the ceremonies that you’ve attended throughout the time.

Also, we completely understand that you want to go overboard with extravagant details and make it richer than the first wedding, but do it accordingly to your money. Don’t add unwanted details in it, because this ceremony isn’t expected to be as special as the first one and you have to admit it: it’s true!
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In the speeches the guests make about you, they are supposed to say things related to your life before the couple and this may be a very sensitive area for some of you. And how is that? Well, ask them not to make references to older relationships and relations, because if the children are present won’t be that pleasant or for the other guests as well. They’re only interested in you two as a couple and what’s present now.

We were mentioning some things about the money previously…. Well, in this case, differently to the first wedding all the expenses go to you two and you shouldn’t ask your parents for help because you’re grown ups now. Think of what type of wedding you’re expecting and make some calculations: if you do this thing you can’t end up loosing, because you plan your money and you will definitely know with what type of ceremony you’re going to end up with.

We hope that our words helped you in a way or another and that you know how to organize your second wedding better. Take into account our pieces of advice and you aren’t going to do anything wrong, be sure of that! Another thing that we need to mention is that our pieces of advice don’t end here; you’re going to receive other in the future time and really helpful in the same time.