Wedding accessories

As we mentioned in several of our previous reviews we only want that you have all the pieces in the puzzle of the wedding at your feet and this means taking into account all the possibilities that encounter the details surrounding a wedding ceremony.

Besides the flower decorations and the other details we want you to take into account some other wedding accessories that we definitely think are going to prove as useful suggestions…. After all, that’s why we make them!

The first wedding accessory that we find useful to share with you consists of a flower cockade that can be attached in the groom’s chest with ease. This particular one that we were thinking to share with you consists of one that is made of multiple colored flower buds with interesting pearls attached here and there in order to make the cockade look even more interesting.

Here are some other wedding accessories that we thought it would be a great idea to share with you…. These consist of small diamond details, which can be placed on the tables or in the flower arrangements. Also, they’re going to add an extra interesting effect to the tables in the dark.

Let’s also add that this type of confetti isn’t expensive at all, so you could at least try seeing what the tables look like with some of these details on.

These types of confetti can be encountered in multiple colors besides this nude and transparent tone and you can order these in blue, purple, red or green, depending on your personal preferences!
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You can also apply for a colored fan, which in fact doesn’t look like a fan. It’s a card that has on it flower details and prints and interesting pieces of information related to the wedding, the wedding reception. In this way you’re going to keep your guests entertained and cool in the same time!

Also, if you decide to take into account such wedding accessories make sure that you’re going to apply for using the same colors as the ones used in your wedding. Think of this ceremony in this manner: not only you have to feel great, but the most important thing is to make sure that your guests feel comfortable and love everything that you’ve prepared.

The trail to the altar can also look special and we’ve got some wedding accessories that can be used for this part as well. For instance, you can definitely apply for a personalized wedding trail to the altar: with your names or think of a funny message or a saying that you usually take into account. So next to the flowers on the train, one can observe the personalized writing on the train.