Know-how to write your wedding vows

A very important moment in your wedding ceremony is the wedding vows moment. We believe that it is a primordial and a very significant part because it involves sharing your true love and revealing at least a small part of the things that your partner makes you love about him / her. Therefore, my two love birds do not treat this matter with superficiality, in case you don’t want the others to make a wrong impression about your beautiful love story.
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So, grab a pen and a sheet of paper and let the flux of your thoughts flood the white sheet. Think about your partner and about the beautiful time spent together all these years or months. Use romantic words that will be very appropriate for this special event and try to write down some of your wishes that you desire to come true in your new life.

As far as the length of these vows is concerned, you should know that they shouldn’t be too long but not too short either. To be more precise, you shouldn’t write them in a hurry, so that your words will be beautifully organized and this moment becomes memorable, because of your wise words.

Know-how to write your wedding vowsCredit
Know-how to write your wedding vows

So, take your time and start writing them at least two weeks before the big moment, in order to correct some expressions or even have time to read it to your made of honour or best man, to be sure that your wedding vows will be extraordinary.

However, if you respond better to stress you could let this task on the last moment. Who knows? Maybe you will be very inventive and inspired and you will come out with beautiful and unforgettable vows.

If you want to be unique, try to do something funny. Usually, people get very bored when it comes to speeches and vows, but if you decide to spice things a little bit and to add some funny words, for instance you may tell an entertaining story of the two of you, you will see that these moments will pass immediately. Therefore, we totally encourage you to add some salt and paper to your wedding vows.

If you still don’t know how to write them, you could simply give it a search on Google, and the problem will be immediately solved. Still, you should copy only the format, but insert your words, in order to end up with something unique and beautiful.