Compatibility of signs and marriage

Each person has his or her qualities and defects. To some, these can seem an advantage and in others you can observe just how strange they are.

Which exactly is your sign? What characterizes it and what is the drop that fills the glass? Find out about the motto that defines you and many other aspects, which you haven’t realized up to this moment. As you can observe we decided to realize a review on zodiacal signs and in the same time we know that some of these features are going to correspond to the way in which you are.

Compatibility of signs and marriage

The Aries – the people under this sign are always on the run. This sign can be characterized through dynamism, being direct and sincere in the same time. He or she is the type of person that won’t stumble over clichés and in the same time she or he has some fixed ideas, which he or she won’t let go that easily or at all. One of these fixes is related to time: they live with the impression that things don’t work as fast as they have to and they complain always that there isn’t enough time for doing things.
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The effects? From being on the run always, adventurous and loving the speed to ignoring the dangers, up to nights in which he or she doesn’t feel like sleeping telling inside his or her head that sleeping can be a waste of time.

Another fixed idea is that in which the Aries know what’s better for the people around. he or she is going to be really annoying whenever it comes to directive, but in the same time he has to be convinced that he is sincere and has the best intensions – the type of heroine or knight that fight for a noble cause, whom feels the duty of placing his or her hand in the well being of the planet. The Aries is the person that will always be like a threat for those working in services – wanting to be served promptly and impeccable.

You may say now what has the sign to do with a wedding? You have to read attentively all the features and characteristics of these particular signs and see the compatibility in ideas with those of your partner.

Compatibility of signs and marriage 2

The Taurus needs to be taken into account as well, as it is the next sign in the calendar. So, this sing works on the principle “what is mine, then it should be mine forever”. This particular sisgn is a solid one, extremely confident and perseverant, but the persons under this sign attach themselves of things, ideas and people that in the end they’re going to end up with some fixed ideas as well.

They always want stability, to feel safe and to have the impression that they’re somewhere protected. From here you can observe the exacerbate greed and the sense of owing everything in an exaggerate manner. Most of the Taurus people don’t think in material things, their attachment for people is that big that they depend on it.