Wedding prices shouldn’t be a surprise

Every person when planning a wedding makes a list with all the costs that may occur, i.e. these persons create the wedding budget; however there might be a few wedding prices that might surprise you so you should be prepared. In what follows, we have prepares something for you that you will definitely appreciate: a list with some unexpected costs that might ruin your plans.
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Believe it or not, something that really is a big splurge when it comes to wedding is the photographer. Every couple desires professional wedding pictures and therefore, the bride and the groom are willing to spend a fortune. We kind of understand the, at a certain extent, these represent an important memory, so it better be high quality and pricey. Thus, when it comes to their wedding pictures the bride and groom would even pay $5,500.

Wedding shoesCredit
Wedding shoes

The second position in this rank is beauty care. When it comes to their appearance women are ready to do whatever it takes in order to exhibit the right bridal look. Thus, they would pay for eyelash perm, invisalign, teeth whitening, false lashes, facials, back cleansing, hair extensions, make up products and so on. Therefore, dear grooms to be if you thought that you will have an understanding wife who would spend the money carefully, it seems that all goes down the drain when it comes to beauty care.

The third position is occupied by the wedding dress and the other little things that a woman would require: shoes, bras, panties, and so on. After a quick research we have found out that women tend to fall into temptation when it comes to buying a designer wedding dress or designer wedding shoes, Women want to feel classy from top to bottom and underneath it all. They want high quality product, because this is their biggest day and therefore it is only natural to desire to have stylish clothing items.


And last but not least, we find the groom who has made it to the fourth position. The biggest splurge when talking about grooms is the wedding tuxedo. After all, they don’t need beauty care products or other such things, so it is obvious that they would spend more on their apparel.

Thus, even if you thought that you had it all figured it out, it appears that there are some wedding costs that may add to the pile. If you believe that it is safe and that you could make it without this money, then we advise you to fall into temptation. But, if not, then you would better avoid the “evil” places.