Couple compatibility and signs

Zodiacal signs are really important for some and in most of the cases you can establish just how compatible is a couple only for observing this perspective. So, we would like to continue with some other signs, which are going to seem good starting examples as well.

The Gemini sign is the first one we want to take into account and we can start with this statement concerning the people under this sign “don’t get nervous”. The Geminis are the most adaptable and full of life children of the zodiac and they’re the most deprived of obsessions as well. If their love for communication, information and moving can be named as fixations, then this can be one of their defects.

couple compatibility and signs

Another thing that needs to be added: they avoid stupid, clumsy and slow people. But from this point and to obsessions it’s a long trail! Why consume yourself from a point of view psycho-emotional when on this world you can find so many interesting things? The rigid patterns are not for them. Free spirits and democratic in the same time, they find it useless to impose in front of others your tastes and ideas.
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If something doesn’t work as it should? No problem, because they get oriented with only a wink. Of course, they have their little strange things as well, but generally these are not some that derange you. They can get mad sometimes, but it’s only a matter of time after all passes. With them, nothing can be as a fixed idea. They’re attractive like some butterflies, but the people under the Gemini sign derange most of the times through the fault of fixed landmarks.

The Cancer is the next sign that needs to be mentioned and we’re sure that it’s going to be another interesting sign, at least if we’re speaking about couple compatibility.

couple compatibility and signs 2

So, the people under this sign can be characterized with the sentence “we’re going to get it done for sure”. They are diplomatic persons and it’s really hard to see just how difficult you can change such a person. There is the need of safety in all the actions that they do. Their motivation has an emotional nature: they need known, assured and verified parameters.

Here is how the Cancer is going to make some fixations for memories, traditions or old objects. In this way, the obsession for friends, family and children takes birth. The Cancer- woman, although very romantic and sensitive finds her refuge in an arm, only because he can offer and assure her comfort and protection. Due to the fact that in most of the cases the partner is older, it’s possible that there is a paternal fixation.

No matter if we’re speaking about women or men, the Cancer has a fixed thing for one or the other of the parents. The Cancer has tones and changing in moods and it can be superstitious and sensitive in rapport with the Moon phases. Due to the fact that he or she is agile and discrete, his or her obsessions are to molest the ones surrounding.