And the most popular wedding tradition is …

I know that some of you don’t even bother about taking into consideration certain wedding traditions and rituals. However, there are many others who believe that these have a crucial meaning and significance in a wedding ceremony, which is why they give more importance to a particular one. Are you curious to find which this is? Well, don’t worry, by the end of the article you will surely find out what seems to matter more for brides these days.
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And traditions make us think about old things, which is why a lot of brides have something in their wedding outfit which is old. It could be anything, as long as this would have an emotional value for them. It is very popular to have something inherited from your mother or grandmother, on your wedding day, maybe a brooch, a head band, a belt, and the list may continue.

Popular wedding traditionCredit
Popular wedding tradition

But, a wedding wouldn’t be complete if the bride won’t buy new, ingenious, fashionable and glamorous wedding items. However, since in this article we are concerned only about the bridal apparel, we should name something that she would use in order to embellish her look. If we were to think about accessories, than it could relate to wedding jewelries, hair accessories, and so on. But, the wedding piece that brides like to purchase brand new is the wedding dress.

Popular wedding tradition - Wedding dressCredit
Wedding dress

There is something we wanted to talk to you about. In case, in your wedding day you notice that there is something missing, for instance, earrings, or a nice bracelet, then you could borrow this item from one of your bridesmaids, from your mother or sister. The point is that you must keep calm, in order to carry on with your wedding ceremony.

In terms of the color, we have noticed that many ladies insist on blue. Well, it is understandable why: it is beautiful and nice, it looks great next to the other wedding accessories and therefore it can incorporate in the wedding décor. Thus, if you didn’t know which color to pick for your wedding bouquet, you may go for blue.

Popular wedding tradition - Wedding bouquetCredit
Wedding bouquet

So, if you have been attentive enough you have figured it out, which is this popular wedding tradition. However, we will write down the ending of the rhyme, which is not very fashionable these days: “a sixpence in her shoe”. Yes, you have guessed our riddle. The most popular wedding tradition nowadays is: “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in her shoe”.