Wedding superstitions for grooms

We know that men are tougher and they don’t take into consideration every wedding superstition that originates from ancient times. But, still we believe that since your bride cares about these things, you should at least be informed, in order to know what you should avoid doing on your wedding day, or on the contrary what you must do, in order to have a happy marriage.
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To begin with you shall step with your right foot, when you will leave your house and also you shan’t turn away, because it is a sign of bad luck. When you will you’re your bride, you might see her sitting on a pillow. Well, you should not be afraid, because the tradition says that the groom should see his bride like this, in order to “pay” for her, when he will take her away from her parents’ house.

Wedding superstitions for groomsCredit
Bride and groom

Also, you should not be upset if something will break at your ceremony, because it is a sign of good luck. However, you must pay attention with your wedding band, because they say that it is a sign of bad luck if one of you will drop it.

And now something more delicate: I know that you love to sleep with your bride, because you like to cuddle and to hold her tight in your arms, so that you will protect her, but it seem that you shall not do this the night before your wedding, because otherwise they won’t have a long life together, in the sense that one of them will die young. So, I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t risk it.

I suppose you are aware of the following prohibition, but still we would like to mention, just to make sure. You, the groom, are not allowed to see your bride’s wedding dress before the ceremony, because it will bring bad luck. I know that you must be curious, but for the sake of a long and happy life together you should better wait.

Your wedding bands stand for your eternal love; therefore it is a sign of bad luck to wear other people’s wedding rings. Also, be very attentive in the church, because if your wife will walk on your foot you will be under the thumb in this marriage. Oh, and we shouldn’t forget to mention that you must carry your bride in your arms, when you will cross your door step, because the bride may stumble, fact that would be very unlucky in your marriage.

So, whether you will perform these wedding traditions and superstitions is all up to you. But, our advice would be to follow these funny recommendations, because in this way you will add a splash of color to your nuptials.