My wedding dream

Just imagine how the happiest day of your life could look like! Most of us consider our wedding day; the great event ever existing! In that certain day all seems to catch another light… all tends to be different from what it was considered before! All is very well planned meticulously and everybody hopes it will be a wonderful event with no incidents!

Make an exercise in your mind and think how, would you imagine this day looking like! Most of us see this day as one ripped from a fairytale and certain magic that surrounds it…
So, the big day has just arrived! You wake up feeling a strange bump in your stomach, it isn’t an aching one… it is a certain thing that denotes uncertainty… what can be uncertain? The fact that you do not know how your guests will feel and how the ceremony will end up, that isn’t such a revealing feeling; in the end you seem to calm yourself, thinking that in a few days you will find yourself far, far away and enjoy a beautiful honeymoon in an exotic place only with the person that you love!
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The fuss begins; the groom and the bride begin to prepare themselves, to get dressed and so on… what was the tradition for the bride to wear in her wedding day? Now, let’s see: something borrowed another thing that is necessarily blue, something old and something new! She is preparing with the maids, they help her to get dressed and come up with good words to encourage her, after all there’s no reason for the wedding not to be a success, in the case her ex-fiancé doesn’t appear and spoil the wedding from jealousy!

The time passes and the ceremony begins! It is indeed a wonderful moment! Hundreds of people invited, dressed elegantly, joyfully sitting on the chairs and expecting the bride to come! The groom is already there, waiting at the altar!

The ceremony takes part in an immense green garden with big trees that offer a fresh shadow to the entire region! It is a spring day, birds are singing and the wind blows gently just to refresh the impatient atmosphere… the guests start to mumble, because the bride is late to her own wedding, but they all know that this is probably the effect of her need of perfection! She finally appears and all start to clap their hands and she is admired from bottom to toes!

Fine gestures are the one that impress the most, before the bride appearing; a little girl with a basket full of roses walks along and creates a beautiful red path for the bride! It is indeed a splendid pose! The ceremony is indeed wonderful, before the priest speaks, all those present listen to the couple’s favorite song at a piano!

After exchanging rings and getting married in front of God, the happily married couple is applauded by the present crowd! It is certainly a special day… they finish with taking pictures and reunite the guests at their party which will also be charming as their wedding!