Wedding cockades 2

Discover the magic of natural flowers and use them with confidence in every decorative aspects of your wedding. Maybe it would be easier to believe in all the plastic or silk details, but nothing can be compared with natural flowers.

We’ve prepared some perfect suggestions for natural cockades that your husband, the best men and other guests can wear in your wedding day.

wedding cockades 2

In what concerns their adorning, they can be decorated or accessorized in a very simple manner, with a white and delicate veil or with a satin ribbon.
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In what concerns the color of the fabric from which they’re realized it can be the classical white or ivory or you can even choose daring colors from cream or even red or any other color.

You can even add a touch of color. Also, if you take into account that we’re speaking about natural flowers and not artificial you can easily renounce to too much accessories if the general idea of the wedding is that of simplicity.

wedding cockades 2 2

You can apply for accessorizing really discretely the flowers, keeping only a simply ribbon made of fabric of any other color you wish or you can even renounce to it.

Also, we totally recommend you to apply for cockades that are made in bright color tones and that are really gorgeous looking in the same time. If the cockades are made from natural flowers you may have the fear that they can fade away, well have no fear because if you choose the right flowers you can end up with a really gorgeous cockade that is going to resist all day long almost.

Besides using the proper flower, which is natural and shiny and gorgeous looking you can also apply for adding pieces of jewelry here and there on the surface of the flower. You can definitely place some glittery pieces of jewelry or pearls here and there on the surface of the flower. Let’s also add that you can definitely apply for using multiple ribbons here and there and that you can make them in different colors.

Also, if you don’t feel tempted of the idea of suing natural flowers after all the things that were mentioned here you can definitely apply for silk flowers that are really natural looking and you can be certain that you won’t fail with it. The only thing and difference consists in the fact that you’re not going to feel any odor at all.

Be certain that in the end you’re going to end up with some really gorgeous looking pieces of décor that are carried on your chest, not in any other spot.