Party before the wedding

At the party before the wedding you’re of course the main point of attention between your closest friends and your relatives, occasion in which you can meet and stay and chit chat like girls, eat sweet things, but it’s also a good occasion for you receiving lots of gifts.

party before the wedding

Although this party is something that you don’t necessarily have to organize, it’s great to know what to expect of. Here are some ideas that you can take into account.
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In what concerns the gifts that you’re expecting to receive you can expect at a multitude of ideas from the side of your friends. You can receive starting from a coffee maker to different instruments for cooking to a sexy negligee.

If the wedding takes place during the winter season you can expect to receive a really cozy blanket, if it’s summer you can expect to receive a mixer for refreshments. Also, guests are thinking of offering what’s useful in the household, so you can expect to wear some kitchen utensils, for the décor of the house and bed covers.

Usually, the party before the wedding is offered by the bride and someone close to her. The costs are supported by the mains of honors and the bride’s friends, in most of the cases the bride’s mother or that of the groom participate with money, wine or flowers.

These parties are most common to take place in a Saturday or Sunday nigh a week or two before the wedding. The one that is supporting the wedding will organize a meal, or a tea party in which the bride’s friends are invited.

party before the wedding 2

Who can be invited in such a party? In most of the cases those invited here are those close to the bride, finding here her friends and relatives. A group of 20 to 40 people is more than enough.

The invitations should be sent some weeks before and they have to contain all the necessary dates and information. In what concerns the location, the party usually takes place in the bride’s home or at a very close friend of her, but it can take place in a restaurant as well or in a more intimate place.

Who said that it should be a party only between girls? No way! The girlfriends of your friends can also come, most of all if the location permits it. If you want to go in a club for example, it’s a rule that boys should come as well. The only matter is that they should come with some gifts as well.

party before the wedding 3

Opening the presents is among the most interesting moments of the night. Usually this takes place during the desert or at coffee. After you’re going to take a sit in front of your guests are you’re going to make sure that they’re a real support to you can start the operation and in this time you can also invent some riddles to make the atmosphere more animate.