Vintage wedding cards

As it was mentioned severl times before, vintage is a source of inspiration even for weddings (from dresses, invitations to cake and table cards). Those cards are really important, are placed on the table to show the places of the guests….


Here you have some examples of vintage wedding cards! You can place a card with any colors you like, as long as the name is in the centre of this card and it`s surrounded by some vintage motifs or frames!
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->
You can also apply for some boxes with vintage elements on them, some cards that contain the names of the guests and a shiny string around this box! Make sure the colors are srong, like rough combinations with brown, yellow, black and beige with flowers, circles, dots or stripes!

Another idea is to take a metallic thing that supports a card! That metallic thing needs to be golden or silvery, preferable in a golden nuance and the card needs to be also vintage with brown and faded yellow! As you can see, brown is a basic color for the vintage accessories!


You can also apply for nice and miniatural lighting poles on which you may place a card with the names of the guests! The poles can be in what colors you like, but they have to have a vintage aspect, to bring the ones that see them, to the idea of retro!

Who may have thought of wedding cards that are made of laced handkerchiefs? A nice material with embroidered names on them and on the exterior a nice lace! What can be more vintage than this idea? These hankies may cost much, but they`re certainly delightful to the eye!

A nice card is also made pf carton and textile fabric, with floral motifs and buttons with different types of carvings and having different shapes! As long as you use the typical vintage patterns you don`t have any reason to fail in giving that aspect even to these petit details!

Besides the colors mentioned above, you can apply for strong colors like pink and green, red and green, blue and silver with the details already debated!

A metallic box is always a great idea, when it comes to vintage details, and if you use brown and yellow models on the exterior certainly you`re where you wanted to be!

Wood can be also a good material for making wedding cards or supports for these cards! A wooden object with the appropriate details on it and brown carvings can always be a pretty good idea for placing a card with nice motifs on it!

Playing with imagination isn`t a bad idea at all! You can have a wedding card with different funny motifs on it and imitating an old postcard or letter! The uniqueness of this object is that it resembles with an old one!


A bench, a tea pot or a chair, all these in miniatural sizes and made from metallic material seem to always be nice for placing on the table wit that card! The basis of such accessories is in you and your imagination! More importantly, you must let it go!