Wedding problems 2

So, we got to the conclusion that in your wedding day there are some elements and persons that will definitely make sure you get sad for a few seconds or nervous. Well, let’s mention as we did in the previous article you can avoid these situations and end up with a really gorgeous ceremony in which you’re going to be relaxed and you definitely have to avoid such situations that bring you only white threads of hair.

The happy event can be an occasion for happiness for all the guests…. But if they’re too happy then this means that it’s not great at all- tell the people attending your wedding to drink in a moderate manner and that they should avoid getting drunk, because you wouldn’t want scandals or we don’t know what unpleasant situations in your wedding day.

wedding problems 2

If this think happens, ask a close friend of yours or a relative to accompany the person outside and to serve some strong coffee to that person, because you don’t want your wedding to get ruined due to a person that doesn’t know how to manage his or her drinks.
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It’s impossible for a friend not to appear with a person that speaks too much or gossips a lot. Is it worth to get nerves due to this fact? Well, we totally think that this should be a detail that you don’t have to take into account and avoid as much as you can such a person or ask your friend to leave earlier.

You’ve ordered big portions, but on the plates you observe two thin salmon fillets. You wanted an open bar, but the waiters announce you that the drink is on the verge of getting finished. And the list can continue- the suppliers believe that your wedding is an occasion for getting rich and they’re going to act in such a manner that they take extra amounts of money although their services are disappointing.

This is why it’s really important to have a contract with details because you can resolve in due time all your problems.

wedding problems 2 2

You made an appointment at the city hall and it isn’t respected and those working there have lost your papers? Well, this can happen every now and then, but it isn’t a reason to get mad, believe us! Indeed, you’ve got all the reasons in this world to be nervous, but we totally recommend you to treat this situation with calm and staying as chill as possible.

So, if you take into account all the pieces of advice offered here then you’re going to end up being a happy bride or groom and we definitely recommend you to take it slow- after all, it’s your day!