Expensive wedding testimonials

Many of you may ask themselves how the most expensive testimonies look like! Well, in fact, these testimonies don`t look that expensive, they look rather simple, but you can be simply amazed how do the smallest details matter!


The first example of expensive wedding testimony is a small cardboard box filled with candy or bonbons. Choose the boxes in similar colors with those used at the wedding! Make sure you place two small hearts on one cover of the box and also the names and all the details regarding your wedding with small and elegant characters!

You can have also some boxes made in a strange shape, like small gift bags that have some vintage models on them or contrasting colors used! Also, make sure you place a nice and elegant ribbon that ends with a bow! Let`s mention that you can put so many things in these boxes: bonbons, candy, photos or personalized fortune cookies! The boxes should be made in a medium size in order for those “ingredients” to fit inside them!

You can have really small gift boxes made of plastic or cardboard with plastic cover! These boxes can be from a really small size to a medium size, and place in these candy, but not cheap candy, refined like chocolate or different sweets with marzipan…


You can also have a big box similar to those presented above in which you may place Irish wooden spoons! These spoons look great and have nice patterns on them; including hearts and these are object is a pleasure to keep in your house as a memory of a nice wedding that you attended!

There`s also that option when you can offer candies in shape of gift boxes, made of chocolate with nice models on them, like ribbons and many other things! You can make these candies of chocolate and on the exterior you can use your favorite color made of topping!

As you can see, boxes are the basic things used as testimonies, and not any type of testimonies, we`re speaking of expensive ones! You can have also a big white box, and place around it a nice ribbon on which you place a nice card with your beautiful words on them! it doesn`t matter what you choose to put inside the box, because it looks totally minimalistic, the card is important this time!


As you can see, these wedding accessories aren`t that fancy! A touch of style and simplicity in the same time can do wonders for some! It`s important you know what`s in trend and adapt this to your style! Make sure you have a great budget and use it accordingly to your tastes and expectations!