Fireworks at the wedding

For those that desire a wedding like in fairytales with all the possible elements needed, fireworks seem an element which is more than necessary.

We all dream that in our wedding we have multicolored fireworks that enchant the eye….

Fireworks are a plus of glamour in such a moment, or in other words, fireworks are the main attraction for a successful party.

fireworks at the wedding

The guests remain fascinated by the show, which they enjoy with happiness with safety and they’re going to speak long enough about your wedding.
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You can choose fireworks in different colors, dimensions and so on.

Accordingly to how much you want it to last you’re going to pay a certain amount of money. There are lots of specialized firms that are going to offer to you a series of offers accordingly to your desire and budget.

fireworks at the wedding 2

The problem is that it’s possible that you’re going to find some difficulties when it comes to the authorization forms for firing these fireworks. But with a little bit of dexterity you’re going to be able to resolve this but it depends in what area of the town is the restaurant in which you want to organize your wedding.

In the case in which you’ve chosen your wedding to take place in an open space, somewhere in the mountains or on the seaside, then it’s possible you don’t have problems. The only person who you have to negotiate this case is the owner of the place, if he permits you to do it. Mainly, there shouldn’t be any problem!

Ideal for locations that are placed nearby a lake, a fireworks show reflecting on the water and creating in the same time a superb image. You have to take care when and how you’re going to spread these fireworks.

fireworks at the wedding 3

In the case in which you want to organize a wedding somewhere in the mountains, in the middle of the forest you have to keep in mind the fact that the party can end up with a fire!

So pay extreme attention! Usually in special companies, that come with a package of full services and it’s full option, the fireworks are executed by specialized people, they organize them electronically, offering maximum protection to the people working there and the public.

The firs is obliged to obtain all the approvals and documents necessary to the execution of the fireworks, so you’re going to get rid of these “headaches”.

You can apply for fireworks in the interior and in the exterior, confetti and fireworks with musical background. There are offered even fire columns, volcanoes without smoke, light flashes, confetti, sparkles, cascades for the interior and the exterior as well, pyrotechnic hearts, pyrotechnic writing, fireworks for the wedding cake, fireworks for the stage, rolling sparkles and the list can continue….