Bachelor party

The bachelor party can be organized in a club or in a rented salon, but also in a hotel room or even at home if you leave alone. The key element of all the options that we offered to you is having fun. The place in which this party takes place isn’t that important, but the fact that you feel great together- this is what counts indeed.

Generally you can apply for a disco club or a striptease one. You have to make sure that no one is disturbing you and that friends of your half come and act like spies.

bachelor party

What are the main elements when it comes to the bachelor party?

Depending on the bachelor party or bachelorette party, you shouldn’t miss 3 things. For men: beer, girls and inflatable toys. For girls: sweet drinks, strippers and lingerie.
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How much does it cost to have such a party?

The things that you need in such a party differ from the options that you’ve chosen and your personal tastes. In order to make a cost you have to take into account how much does the menu cost, the booze, the girls, the music, transport and other optional services, like the décor or costs.

bachelor party 2

The menu can be served as a Swedish buffet or it can be more consistent, being made of different warm snacks. Also, you can add a cake, which is personalized ingeniously. The drinks can be traditional, with juices or alcohol, or it can be pretentious, under different cocktails and interesting appetizers. Their cost varies definitely….

The entertainers can dance, or they can be hostess or the surprise of the party, going out of the cake in the end. When we’re speaking of music, we can talk about a band or a DJ. And in order to animate the atmosphere more, you can apply for professional dancers or different entertaining moments.

In order to get advantage of their services it’s necessary to have a good budget at the basis.

The transport can be offered to each one or you can rent a limo, this option offering the occasion of being relaxed and you to feel as great as possible.

The location in which the party takes place can be adorned with balloons, confetti and different banners and other details. You can choose even a theme to the event and accordingly to the location that you;ve chosen, you can apply for costumes as well.

We hope that you got a general idea on how you can organize a bachelor party and that all these pieces of advice seemed useful for you!