Wedding Vendor Responsibilities

The Responsibilities Of Your Wedding Vendor: A Quick Peak

Wedding Vendor Responsibilities
Wedding Vendor Responsibilities

If you’ve wondered what the vendor side of the wedding industry is like, wonder no more. Check out a lil glimpse into the life of a typical vendor and what they take care of in the weeks and days leading up to your wedding.

Months/Weeks Before Your Wedding

Your vendor is busy scheduling taste tests about six months before your wedding. This includes the cuisine the vendor’s company has to offer, as well as wedding cakes. You and your hubby-to-be get to taste a variety of (hopefully) yummy dishes to decide what is best for your Big Day. You will also discuss the guest list in regards to how much food and booze your wedding requires.

Other discussions in the months leading up to your wedding include those about color schemes, such as the linen hues you want. Your vendor will also discuss billing and payment with you, including payment due dates.

Days Before Your Wedding

In the days leading up to your wedding, count on your vendor to finalize your event order, including your food and linen prices. The person will discuss delivery and drop-off dates with you to determine times that work best for you. Your vendor is there to take everything from you when you drop it off at the reception hall, such as the alcohol, desserts, cake knife, place cards, champagne flutes, table numbers, bathroom baskets, etc. A checklist is used to ensure the vendor has everything. The vendor’s staff is also given assignments at this time, such as people for delivering hors d’oeuvres, working as barbacks, bartenders, and so on.

Day Of Your Wedding

Your vendor arrives at the venue around 11am to start setting up. Staff members generally arrive at staggered times to assist. Everything is set up, from the guest tables to the main table to the cake table to the presents table and beyond. Staff know their positions and are filled in about any specialty items, such as a signature drink.

This is merely an overview of what your vendor handles! It’s clearly a big job, yes?