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Small Things That Make a Big Impression at Your Wedding Reception

We’ve learned throughout the years that it’s the little things that count when it comes to weddings. Of course, you could have the best band or venue globally, but if your wedding guests wait too long for valet or spend the entire meal thinking about how chilly they are, those are the moments they will remember. So, we’ve compiled a list of minor touches you can use to make your guests feel at ease to enjoy all of the unforgettable experiences you spent so much time on throughout the process.

Now you might wonder what you should add to your wedding to make it unique and unforgettable. After going through plenty of overused, traditional, Pinterest/Instagram, and classical trends, we have curated a list of some special small touches that can make your wedding stand out, leaving behind awe-struck reactions.

Confetti Cannons

To add an unexpected element of surprise and whimsy, introduce confetti cannons to your wedding. These fun and exciting confetti explosions can be used in many different ways throughout your ceremony and reception. For example, you can walk down the aisle with confetti falling from the skies, kick off the reception with a fairytale first dance showered in confetti, use it at your photo booth, and the epic wedding exit.

Confetti cannons at weddings are a small touch with a significant impact that will have your guests talking about it for months.

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Customized Stickers

Couples rarely think about the small things that make a big impression at weddings, but trust us…sometimes they make a bigger splash than your grand flower arrangements. And customized stickers at weddings are a perfect example of this. They are trendy, affordable, and fully customizable. And you can use them throughout the wedding. Add them into your wedding decor, especially in picture booths; include them in your wedding stationery and wedding fans when it’s hot. And that’s not all! Customized wedding stickers are the perfect addition to wedding favors and can even be added to the cake topper.

Getting a custom sticker designed to match your wedding theme and decor is inexpensive. There are many talented designers on Fivver (and other similar marketplaces). They create your graphic design, and when it’s ready to print, companies like CustomSticker have your back! So print them, stick them and watch your guest’s face light up with excitement.

Individual mini cakes for wedding favors

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Unique Lights Effects

Never underestimate the scenography created by the correct usage of lights. For example, the colorful lighting projection on the wall would make a beautiful, warm and sophisticated environment at your wedding.

You can also select the color of the lights according to your wedding decor theme. You can have GOBO lights, monogrammed lighting effects, dancefloor projections, etc. It will make a WOW impression on guests, and no one will ever forget your wedding reception.

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Photo Booths

You spent days and months planning your wedding reception: the color themes, the decor, and most importantly, your wedding dress. These are all for a single day! To make it more memorable, you need to capture every moment of your wedding reception.

A wedding photo booth is a great way to get your guests mingling with each other, having fun, and letting loose. An utterly memorable time for everyone!

photo booth at a wedding reception

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Go Neon

Wooden signs with a rustic design are a favorite but if you’re looking for a splash of colour, you’ll want to consider the unique and fancy look that a neon sign brings to a wedding. The bright lights will attract your guests for a standalone photo opportunity and can be combined with other interesting props at the reception, such as a backdrop for a photo booth.

Want to light up your dance floor, introduce a wedding theme, or just straight up add some charm? A neon sign does it all, so use it as inspiration and go wild!

love you to the moon and back neon sign

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Wedding Signage

The personalized signage can be the best addition to your wedding, especially if it is outside. Indicating different areas with personalized themed signboards will impress your guests.

You can customize these signboards according to your wedding decor theme. Think about your personalities and personalize something that reflects your’s and your’s husband’s personalities. There are many inspirational ideas for having signboards at your wedding.

This could be a great touch that adds a big impression at your wedding.

Chalkboard wedding sign for outdoor wedding.

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Welcome Drinks

Welcome drinks add a good impression at your wedding. Serving drinks to the guests when they enter your wedding reception is a sweet gesture.

The welcome drink is an art that you must include to make your wedding have a big impression on your guests. Create something unique, unexpected, and a conversation starter.

pink cocktail drink at wedding

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Games for Entertainment

Are you throwing a cocktail hour outside? Set up various activities to keep guest entertained while the bridal party gets whisked away for more photos. It’s a great opportunity for the guests to mingle with each other and have fun.

Common activities include lawn games such as ring toss and cornhole. For more cerebral guests, giant chess boards are definitely an option. If the wedding happens to be held at a golf course, a few rounds at the driving range will be sure to please golf lovers!

Wedding Game Wheel to spin

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Everyone wants their wedding to be perfect and have a big impression on their guests. However, adding small touches can make a tremendous difference in your wedding. Adding these small touches will make your wedding stand out from others, leaving WOW impression on your guests.