Military wedding cake toppers

We were presenting you some interesting models of wedding cake toppers and we’re back with this topic, because we know that you’re always going to be interested in such things, because after all it’s a key to be unique and to put a personal touch on your wedding through the cake!

military wedding cake toppers

Let’s keep up the funny touch and let’s mention that we found some interesting military wedding tops that will certainly seem really funny and maybe you decide to apply for one of these!
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The first military wedding top we want to mention about consists of a fine couple that has a really straight posture and is really affected of something as if they’re ready to march! The man looks really elegant; he is dressed with an elegant pair of pants and also a jacket that has some military motifs on it. The bride wears the classical wedding dress and she isn’t wearing anything military….

We continue with some other wedding cake toppers that take the similar military motif. This time, there’s a couple formed of a bride dressed as a normal woman that gets married and the groom is wearing a fireman suit. Indeed, there’s a really interesting image created and also let’s mention the fact that you can apply for this kind of topper if that’s the job you have: if you really want to show it, you can do it through the cake toppers.

military wedding cake toppers2

Another great topper, really elegant and nice looking consists of the same couple bride and groom: the bride is dressed simply with a white gown and the groom wears a blue suit like in military( marine army) and this is quite a retro image if you come to think of it….

military wedding cake toppers3

Also, you can apply for a normal couple like the one in the image: he is holding her in his arms and they are dressed as they should be in their wedding day. Also you can put this couple on a different surface from the rest of the cake and let’s also mention that you can attach a military badge in order to maintain the military air to this cake.

military wedding cake toppers4

The last military topper we want to talk about is indeed the funniest of them all and we really like the way it looks. There are two figurines that represent the bride and the groom.

military wedding cake toppers5

The bride is dressed in a normal wedding gown and with a bouquet in her hand and there’s also the groom that’s dressed in a military suit with camouflage elements, also he is wearing a gun in his hand. Besides these funny looking figurines there are also the shopping bags placed next to the bride’s figurine that seem to highlight her occupation and so the couple is characterized entirely….