Desserts for a wedding

Sincerely, besides the food that you have prepared for your guests there’s also room for something sweet in order to make the “frame” complete and this is why we decided to take into account the topic concerning desserts for a wedding. Primarily, when it comes to such “details” you usually think of wedding cakes. Yes, wedding cakes need to be considered and in the same time you have to apply for deserts as well in case you don’t care too much when it comes to the money spent. You know if you buy these sweets you’re going to pay some extra money.

desserts for a wedding

That’s why we were thinking that in this period of economical crisis is great to jump directly to the cutting of the wedding cake and this means that the guests are going to have a slice instead of the dessert you were thinking of. In order not to make the wedding cake the only desert on the table you can apply for fruits and some other sweets, miniatures, cookies and some other pretty colored things that are going to make the imagery complete.
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So, how about we recommend you some wedding cakes and in the future topics to take into account only the part with the other details, shall we? We start with the first suggestion of wedding cake, which can be directly placed among our list of desserts for a wedding….

This one we were talking about is a four layered wedding cake in white and every layer is square. Let’s also add that at the basis of each layer you can observe a line, which seems to copy perfectly a shiny ribbon. The cake is white and you’re not going to regret taking it into consideration – it’s really gorgeous looking and in the same time you won’t fail with it. From the last layer to the bottom there’s a line made of multiple roses, white as well and here and there you can observe some red fruits which seem to blend perfectly with all the rest of the details. Indeed, a gorgeous combination and a great wedding cake.

If you want something indeed special then you have to see this next model for sure…. So, we’re speaking about a four layered wedding cake made in round shape. This one has great looking patterns on it, semicircles and details, at the bottom of each layer you can observe points, which look as a necklace and all of these cope gorgeously together.

desserts for a wedding 2

On the last layer one can observe a “bouquet” made of roses, sweet roses of sweet ingredients. This pale tone of the entire wedding cake seems to blend perfectly with the roses on top.