Helpful wedding cakes suggestions

In case you missed our previous articles on wedding cakes we have come up with a brand new one that intends to fit your interests like a glove.
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To be more specific, we are going to present to you some suggestions of good looking wedding cakes, which bear an unusual overall aspect and that you can be certain that you are going to enjoy reading about. Also, if you are on the quest for something special for your wedding then this means that you have to pay attention to the ones we found.

We start with the first example of wedding cake that you have to know about and which is absolutely gorgeous. We are talking about a three tiered cake which is covered in cream and it is made in a round manner.

wedding cakes

Also, here and there, around every layer you can observe hyacinth flowers which are disposed very neatly and playfully. On the top tier you can observe the same hyacinth flowers details that come to replace the cake topper. The reason for that is obvious: a cake topper would not do the cake any favor, but on the contrary, it will compromise its look.

The following cake example consists of a four tiered wedding cake that features royal icing and syrup topping. It is beautifully adorned with flower buds made in warm tones and which seem to imitate roses, chrysanthemums and other flowers. These small bouquets are placed here and there on the surface of the wedding cake and they are also used as cake toppers. Indeed, a stunning combination which will remain in the memory of the guests for a long period of time.

wedding cakes 2

Next we have a model of wedding cake composed of many tiers, each of them more colorful than the one above or below. The main color theme, though, revolves around shades of red, therefore, if you plan a wedding that involves a lot of color and a lot crazy combinations this is the cake to put on the dessert table.

wedding cakes 3

And since a wedding filled with vivid colors cannot be a formal one, the cake topper that goes with it has to be in a funny note. Keep in mind, though, that – given the dimensions of the cake – you ought to opt for it only if you will have many attendees. It would be a total waste of money and labor to go for it if you only plan a wedding with the closed ones.