The right model of wedding cake 3

We would like to continue with some other suggestions of wedding cakes that look really fine and it would be a good bargain to but them, they create a nice visual effect and your wedding will be beautified with their help.

Ok, so you need to make up your mind on one of these details and we’re sure that you’re going to remain enchanted of the results and imagery. Be sure that all the guests will remain enchanted if they see such a piece of pastry on your table and if it’s adorned similar to these.

the right model of wedding cake 3

We start with a white cake that is designed in three round layers. These have at the basis a pearl necklace that is probably realized in sweet ingredients. The cake is realized in a white matte and every layer looks definitely good. Also, above the wedding cake there are some flower buds, oversized and realistic, which are made of sweet ingredients as well. The flowers placed above are made in warm color tones and the visual impact is great, because they are placed as if they’re placed in a bouquet.
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We continue with an exquisite model of wedding cake, which is really delicious in the same time. This one is really small and we recommend it in case you have a small wedding ceremony. So, there’s only one layer of sweet stuff and it’s round. This one has all around it neat and small flower buds, which are looking really great in the same time. Also, at the basis of this petite cake, which is composed only of one layer you can observe a flower bud detail that is made of sweet ingredients.

the right model of wedding cake 3 2

Quite some nice looking details and we’re sure that this cake sounds pretty tempting to you: it’s simple and it isn’t definitely expensive. In order to confer it a more interesting looking aspect, you can apply for putting this cake on a nice looking support with different details on. How about that? Does it sound pretty interesting to you?

Our examples don’t end here, because we’ve got some others coming and they’re as delicious and good looking as the others. So, there’s a three layered round cake made of chocolate and with interesting details on. This cake has really interesting details and stuff about it and you can be certain that it’s going to look gorgeous on your table. There are three layers that are made of chocolate, at the basis of every layer there’s a layer of white pearls which are probably made of sweet ingredients.

the right model of wedding cake 3 3

Also, around the cake here and there, you can observe flower buds that are made of sweet ingredients as well and these look exactly like orchids. It’s indeed a good combination and it is definitely great looking: black goes really fine with the yellow green tone of the orchids.