4 Healthier Alternatives To Sweet Wedding Favors

Weddings are filled with food – amazing hors d’oeuvres, dinners or buffets, and, of course, the wedding cake. To top it all off, guests are usually honored further by chocolates in pretty little boxes at their table places.

How about changing this out with some cool favors that are tasty, healthy, and unique? Here are four ideas to think about (and a bonus 5th one – couldn’t resist).

Nuts and Dried Fruits

If you pick the right fruits and nuts, these can be amazingly colorful at each guest seat. Putting them in a small mason or other clear glass jar lets the colors show. And those jars? They can be decorated with glass paint or custom stickers. A small ribbon bow tied around the top or small colorful bows on the tops of the lids will add a bit more pizazz.

Kind Bars

With our current mindfulness of healthy natural foods and physical fitness, we obviously can’t give everyone a free gym day at a place like Right Path Fitness (or maybe that could be negotiated), couples can purchase Kind Bars – healthy snack bars with all natural ingredients, which can be wrapped in beautiful paper and tied with a colorful bow. And the other great part? The Kind Foundation supports acts of kindness all over the world.

Small Jars of Honey, Apple Butter or Jam

These are great take-home favors, can be decorated with stickers of the couple’s names and date, and can be ordered in bulk directly from the supplier. Some will even imprint the names and date on the jars, if they are ordered well in advance.


After a night of heavy eating, guests might just enjoy having a beautiful box that houses some healthy mini-bagels (maybe 4 to a box), decorated with herbs or drizzled with cheese, for their breakfast the next morning. The boxes can be decorated with stickers or different colored ribbons for added color on the table.

A Pricier But Cooler Gift

If the budget is large, consider an inspirational small pocket book housed in a silver-frosted wedding bag. There are many of them with famous quotes about love and life – something that is more “forever.”

It’s fun to get creative and think of favors that your guests can take home and feel good about eating. Healthy snack items, colorfully or elegantly decorated are perfect alternatives.