Red rose wedding cakes

Red rose wedding cakes are great to be taken into account by those who arrange their entire wedding with this flower as a main theme, because there are many people who would love such a theme in their bridal day.

Roses are the most representative symbols when it comes to love, romanticism and passion and if you want to focus all the attention on these feelings and emotions, then applying for such a wedding cake seems a right solution to us.

red rose wedding cakes

In most of the cases, a rose wedding cake consists of a normal sweet piece, which is made in multiple layers and it has flower applications on a layer or multiple layers. The most common rose wedding cakes that we have encountered in weddings are the ones in which the red rose motif is used and it’s indeed a nice blend between the red rose and the white wedding cake, don’t you think so?

red rose wedding cakes 2

Also, there are some rose wedding cakes that are designed with pink pale roses or other light colored blossoms that go really nice with the rest of the involved elements on the wedding cake.

Roses stand pretty nice instead of wedding cake toppers and some love the idea of flowers placed on their wedding cake, rather than using other elements.

red rose wedding cakes 3

The great thing about roses in general is that they can be encountered in several colors and this makes the range of possibilities for rose wedding cakes even bigger. So, this means that you can apply for a wedding cake that is covered with red rose blossoms or even with black ones; it only depends on your personal tastes and the rest of the wedding colors.

Another idea for the rose wedding cake is that you can confer it an even more vivid air with the help of real petals that can be tossed next to the wedding cake – these make it look real and great to apply for.

red rose wedding cakes 4

There are multiple solutions that stand at the basis of the rose wedding cake: you can apply for a simple background on which the roses can be easily applied, there’s also the one with patterns or nice lines and curves or with dots. It depends on the personal taste of each couple.

The ingredients for such a wedding cake are various: from chocolate, to cream, butter cream, marzipan, ice cream to cheese and even fruits.