Beach theme wedding cakes

You have decided to set the beach as your wedding theme and you are now all wrapped up in details that will make your wedding get that long desired summer aspect. However, things are slightly more complicated than they seem the first time you give this theme a thought. We are ready to give you a hand of help, but with one particular detail only: the beach theme wedding cake.
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Without a doubt picking the right cake is a task that is not easily accomplished, and that is perfectly understandable when there are so many options available. You ought to take it step by step and you will soon see that your cake catches an outline. We think it would be a good start if you first chose the shape of your cake. You surely know that the most common shapes for cakes are round and square, but considering the theme of the wedding is the beach, the round shape will make the cake look more like a sand castle.

beach theme wedding cakes

Furthermore, there are several details that you could incorporate in your wedding cake’s design. We now refer to sand and sea shells. None of them real, obviously; your baker can improvise with some raw sugar to create the sand and some white chocolate to do the sea shells. If you want to take it even further, your baker can introduce other “beachy” elements such as flip flops, beach balls, beach umbrellas or even surfboards.

beach theme wedding cakes 2

Try not to choose too many to adorn your cake, though, as it will make it look a bit too crowded with beach symbols. The surface of the cake cannot bear other colors than blue and white. The white can easily be achieved with some cream, whereas the achieving the aqua blue aspect of the cake can be done by using a satin ice baby blue fondant.

beach theme wedding cakes 3

For a more complete look, you can ask you baker to use various shades of blue in such a way as to create a wavey aspect. Algae, or any other forms of underwater life will do just fine, as well, just remember that your cake’s task is to delight the sight and taste of your guests, it must not look like a marine biology book for children.

The topper must also follow the pattern chosen for the wedding, therefore, it has to feature a beach-related element. It can be the already common bride-and-groom cake topper, or you can follow your theme all the way and top your cake with a beautiful dolphin couple.