Funny wedding toppers

There are in some parts of this globe people and couples that pay extreme attention when it comes to the miniatures that can be placed on top of the wedding cake and in most cases this is the main element when it comes to a gorgeous cake. Some of you may pick the cake toppers between the last elements and some times we even renounce to it totally.

We don’t know if it’s right or wrong, but we think that you definitely need to take into account the funny miniatures that we have to share with you and you can apply for them in case you don’t have an idea in what concerns the aspect of your wedding cake.

funny wedding toppers

Here are some of our favorite models and some of our choices when it comes to a funny wedding and special from every point of view.
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You can’t compare any other place with your nest, isn’t that right? If you agree with us then you can apply for two small chickens that can play the role of cake toppers. If you’re a fan of the Madagascar movie, then you can even apply for penguins as well.

Do you have a certain passion for origami? Then you’re going to adore these figurines created and personalized by each couple. If you’re going to pay attention with the figurine on the entire duration of the wedding then you can keep them as a memory.

Don’t you want cake toppers that can’t be eaten? Then think of eating your husband made of chocolate. If you order them in due time, these figurines can borrow multiple of your physical characteristics.

Surely your husband can be visibly affected emotional due to the choice that you made, if he doesn’t know anything. Depending on his preferences when it comes to super heroes, you can make him look like a real star.

funny wedding toppers 2

How about some miniatures and figurines that is +18? Well, these are not that pornographic, but you can be certain that they’re erotic. If you’re not a conventional bride, then you can definitely apply for such figurines that don’t respect fully the requirements….

For a conservative opinion, chocolate figurines made of white chocolate are really necessary- from our perspective. Start the journey in the marriage universe in dance steps and with taste of white chocolate.

So, if you want to be different in comparison with others and you want to take into account adding some funny details in your wedding then it means that the suggestions indicated here are going to seem really useful and you definitely have to appreciate these.