Snowflake wedding cakes

Even though it is not the season for snowflake wedding cakes, we are sure that there are couples among you who have settled their wedding day in the cold season, thus it would be a pity not to set a seasonal wedding theme and stick with it all the way to the cake.
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We have thought that snowflake wedding cakes would make an interesting idea, so, we looked around and found some nice models you could use as inspiration or starting point.

snowflake wedding cakes

What do you think about a combination of white and red? To be more precise, an entirely white cake that features red details. As you know, white and red are the colors of the holidays’ season, so have a cake that comes with red floral elements and big snowflakes that separate the tiers. This will create an interesting contrast and it is sure to impress all the attendees.

snowflake wedding cakes 2

Next we have a white topsy turvy wedding cake that has been projected in three tall tiers. It is very rich in snowflake elements that come as icing. Around each of the tiers you can observe some grey pearl rows which confer an extra winter air to this sweet piece.

For an interesting design you can go for a single tier wedding cake that is made in white only, and looks as if it has snowed on it. On top of this wedding cake you can observe numerous snowflakes which seem to blend perfectly with all the details, so, different sized one-tier cakes placed on different supports but on the same table seems a pretty unique idea to us.

snowflake wedding cakes 3

If you want to make your wedding cake look precious then this is not a difficult task. Just consider a white cake that features a big icing ribbon made of sweet ingredients and also add details that consist of glittery rocks. They can come together and form snowflakes that decorate the cake, and, if you really want to make an impression, you could use real diamonds.

snowflake wedding cakes 4

Depending on how much you want to highlight the snowflake elements present on your wedding dessert, you can either order a sweet piece that has lots of snowflakes that dominate the surface or you can go for a normal cake that features – among other wintery elements – snowflakes, as well.

snowflake wedding cakes 5

Such models are not hard to get and you have to make sure that they look exactly as you dreamed of. Remember that you have to guide the baker throughout the entire process of the wedding cake design, otherwise you might end up with something you might not like.