Wedding cakes with fairytale theme 2

Here’s how we continue our models and suggestions of wedding cakes that are inspired from fairytales. Indeed, these are some interesting models, the ones presented up to this moment and the ones that we’re going to suggest to you. You’re definitely going to have where to choose from and it would be a pity not to apply for one of our examples.

We start with presenting you a cake that is made in the shape of an opened book.

wedding cakes with fairytale theme 2

This one has on one layer of pages a flower detail that is really great looking and it looks vivid that you’re going to feel tempted to think it’s a real bouquet. The other layer of pages has good looking writings an you can also observe a ribbon detail that is placed in the middle side of the book in order to look interesting. This cake is placed on a surface that has nice looking patterns and we’re sure that this will create a nice visual effect, not only to you but to the quests that are attending your wedding.
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Here’s how we bring to you another interesting looking wedding cake that is designed in a very exquisite manner.

wedding cakes with fairytale theme 2 2

This one has several layers and it’s designed in many details. At the bottom you can observe a suitcase made of chocolate, then there’s a round gift box that has a bow next to it, there are some poles over this gift box and some flower buds as well. Let’s also mention that there are two books on top and these create a really interesting view of the situation. On top of the books you can observe two flower buds, two roses that are really great looking and this is a detail that could be observed on the entire surface of the wedding cake.

Here’s how we continue with another great looking and neat fairytale wedding cake.

wedding cakes with fairytale theme 2 3

This one is made in two tones: white and purple. There are several round layers of this cake and all around it you can observe flower details made in sweet components. These flower details have the format of real flower buds and they look really vivid in the same time. On the final layer of this cake you can observe a castle placed on top and it’s also made in purple tone with sparkling details on. It’s a wedding cake that would be ideal to be help in case you organize a wedding with such a theme.