Homemade sweets for your wedding

In case you’re the type of person that decides to organize the wedding with your own hands an accordingly to your own ideas then we should congratulate you, because there’s a lot of time involved and you definitely have to have some nerves for doing it. Thankfully we’ve got just the right ideas here and you won’t encounter any difficulties when it comes to the arrangements and all the stuff involved.

No more to say! We’ve got some useful tips today that are definitely going to seem a good option in your wedding day and you have to choose from clearly….

homemade sweets for your wedding

So, if you decide to place on the tables some homemade cookies then it won’t be a problem because we’ve got some delicious ones presented here and you have all the ingredients needed and how you can prepare these.
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We recommend you some homemade cookies to put on the tables and we hope that you end up with some great looking and delicious sweets on the table.

You need some butter, sugar, flower, 2 eggs, sugar with vanilla flavor and some lemon peel. Here’s what you have to do: mix the butter with sugar and then you add the eggs, flower, vanilla and the lemon peel. You then blend them until you end up with a though dough. You then make thin areas, not too thin and take a special shape with which you realize nice figurines and then you place these into a pan powdered with powder with some distance between them, you bake them until they have a golden tone. These cookies can be blended with fruits, chocolate chips, chocolate or marmalade or whatever you want to. These don’t cost that much when it comes to preparing them and you have a lot of fun while you’re doing them. How about that?

We continue with some biscuits that are really tasty and really easy to prepare as well. We simply love homemade sweets and we think that they’re a good option for the big day in case you decide to make the wedding yourself.

We suggest some biscuits for which you need the following ingredients: powder, butter, powder sugar, eggs, cream, rum, vanilla, bicarbonate and a little bit of sugar. Also, these biscuits aren’t going to be left uncovered, they have a special crust on them which makes them look tasty. For it, you need Turkish delight in different colors, margarine and some water and let’s not forget about some cream hardener as well.

homemade sweets for your wedding 2

How are these done? You mix flower, add butter, sugar, eggs, the essences, the bicarbonate and the salt as well. You blend these together in order to realize dough and you make a sheet and with some special figurines you make figurines. You bake them and we’re sure that you know when to get them out. You place them on a pan that has margarine on them and cook them for about 30 minutes.

For the colored crust you have to boil all the ingredients that were mentioned previously in order to make a paste and you add it on the biscuits when it gets colder.