Wedding cookies

As we’ve been mentioning in several times before, for your wedding day you nay apply for favors that can consists in cookies. Well, this won’t be a bad thing at all, because you definitely have where to choose from and we’re sure that you’re going to feel enchanted in what concerns this idea.

So, in the lines to come we’re going to suggest some wedding cookies that can serve as wedding favors and we’re sure that you’re going to see this article as a helping hand, because it’s not hard at all to apply for these ideas.

wedding cookies

We start with some traditional wedding cookies that are made in the shape of little wedding cakes. These have that particular format with many layers. You can observe nice patterns on these cookies, with dots and a lot of models on them. There are also multiple colors on these wedding cookies and certainly these are made of the same compounds as ginger bread cookies.
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You can apply also for the same cookies that can have nice patterns on them, with small flowers that create nice visual effects and nice colors in the same time. It only depends on your personal taste and what exactly you’re expecting. Be sure that you won’t fail with the suggestions that we offer you here and the wedding cookies in shape of cakes aren’t the only idea that we’re offering to you!

wedding cookies 2

Besides those in shape of a wedding cake, there are other variants that involve different shapes of such sweets, like the shape of a bottle, those that imitate the groom and the bride, the rings, bells and gifts. These can e made at home with the same recipe as normal cookies and you can find special bottles with topping and different other compounds. This is a nice mixture of elements and you can be sure that you won’t fail with it! Also, these cookies look neat and really delicious in the same time.

wedding cookies 3

The Mexican wedding cookies are also a great variant. These are sweet balls with almond and rolled in powder sugar. A good option that can serve as wedding favor and it gives your wedding a special touch, because it isn’t something that you encounter daily, most of all because these are taken from another civilization and culture.

wedding cookies 4

The Danish wedding cookies are also a good example and you can be sure that these are delicious and worth it. These have a white aspect, similar to those presented above and have chocolate chips inside. A good option as well and really tasty in the same time….

wedding cookies 5