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One of the most interesting moments in a wedding consists on cutting the wedding cake. We’re sure that you think this moment is special as well. When exactly do you do it? Well, when the guests have finished their dishes and they are waiting for your surprise- cutting the cake.

You definitely have to choose a special model, one that represents you and that impresses your guests’ eyes and that has a special touch of you.

The modern cakes can have numerous shapes and formats: heart shape, round, rhomb, square or rectangular. It depends on the personal taste that you have and what your dream cake looks like. The wedding cake should be imposing and really big, because you don’t want it to be misunderstood with other types of cakes.

wedding cakes 2

You may be wondering what’s popular in this year? What’s fashionable when it comes to wedding cakes? Well, definitely cakes adorned with big flowers, the cake in shape of a big cone with different toppings made of nuts or almonds, there’s also the icing topping that has at the basis marzipan or imitations of it, there’s the multiple layered icing cake and rectangular, the traditional fruit cake, chocolate cake with cream and adorned in a special manner. In fact, we find trendy what everybody has in his or her mind, using imagination is fashionable and you can personalize your wedding accordingly to your tastes and ideas.
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You can adorn the wedding cake with shiny flowers, these can be natural: callas, roses, lilies or different toned orchids, if you want it to be special for real, you can adorn it with butterflies or icing scarves. It depends on your personal taste.

wedding cakes 2 2

The wedding cake, the one that you apply for your wedding day has to be made accordingly to everyone’s personal taste. If you feel enchanted of the aromas of fall you can definitely apply for seasonal fruits or flowers to be applied on your cake and the list can go on….

Think of a funny theme if you want your cake to be special indeed. We also recommend you to apply for different cake toppers in case you want your cake to look interesting: there are personalized cake toppers, funny ones, romantic ones and so on.

The color for which you apply when it comes to the wedding cake, it’s also important because it has to resemble with the rest of the colors used in your wedding reception. Also, you can go the other way: use a contrasting color in the cake, one that is really different from the other details used in your wedding! Indeed, interesting details that we’ve mentioned here and all concern the wedding cake….